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The minimum investment is $5 000 and the maximum for any individual or organization is $100 000.
Shares are subscribed for in Golf Played Inc., a Delaware registered corporation, 20 million shares are being issued at this stage.
The Irish IP Holding Company, Golf Played Limited which is in the process of being registered, works slightly differently. In terms of Irish company law we do not require authorized share capital, and all we need to do is to nominate the share value. We have elected to have a per share value of €0.001 and plan to issue 500 000 shares which makes up 100% of the equity base of the IP company.
The Market Cap of the structure is $20 000 000 and the Angel Investor block comprises non-diluting shares equating to 8% of the equity. This block of shares is being sold to investors for $1 250 000 which represents a 21.88% discount. 
For each $1 000 invested, shareholders will receive 1 280 shares in Golf Played Inc. and 32 free shares in Golf Played Limited.