Ryan Hen-Boisen

Ryan Hen-Boisen

Operations, Creative, Philosopher, Make It Happen Guy

Ryan is passionate about business operations and systems technology, and has a knack
for developing strategic links that boost organisational capacity and sustainability.
This can be seen in the diverse organisations he has assisted from start-ups, small
businesses and guest houses to international NGO’s and corporates.

He has a PPE Honours degree (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) which he completed at
Stellenbosch University and has travelled as far as India in his academic pursuits.

As a guy who is passionate about finding solutions in not only the practical but also the
philosophical space, he has participated in global thinktanks both locally and abroad. His
ambitious & innovative solutions ensure that things happen how and when they should.

Ryan is responsible for the day to day management of the team and making sure things
work to plan.