Golf Played Inc. Ambassador Agreement

Golf Played Inc. / Registered Delaware USA 6310306 on February 8, 2017 / 3445 Stratford Road, Atlanta, GA 30326 [email protected] / / Directors: Andrew Georgiou (SA) (CEO) • Antony Georgiou (SA)

Golf Played Inc. Ambassador Agreement

As an Ambassador, you are expected to support the GolfPlayed™ community in every way possible, as follows:

  1. Download the app, provide as much profile information as possible and if you are a Golf Pro / Celebrity select this option and allow users to follow you.
  2. Add Courses that you have played.
  3. Add Rounds as you play them. This includes a photo from the round and your scorecard. Previous rounds can be added at your discretion.
  4. Tag your playing partners and invite them to the platform.
  5. Like and Follow our Instagram / Facebook / Twitter accounts.
  6. Rate the App on your App Store and encourage your followers to do the same.
  7. Share the App with your contact lists / social media platforms, etc.

What your package consists of:

  1. Your Ambassador badge will appear on your profile whilst you are an active member of the Ambassador Program.
  2. If you invest in Golf Played Inc. you will receive your Angel Investor shares at a preferential rate and you will receive a custom Investor badge on your profile, for life.
  3. If your friends invest because of your introduction you will be rewarded for the referral.

What you will receive as an incentive:

  1. The program commenced on 1 August 2017 and will terminate on 31 December 2022.
  2. Your account will be credited for each user directly referred by you, who registers on the platform, thereby becoming an active user.
  3. You receive one marker per user that you refer when they register.
  4. Monetization of the platform is scheduled for 2018. Each of your referred users will remain on your account up until 31 Dec 2022.
  5. You will receive a commission, which is a percentage of net income, on a sliding scale as detailed in Clause 16 below, from each referred user up until 31 December 2022.
  6. The Sliding Scale of commission earned will be as follows:
    1. 3% if your Referred and Registered Users number is less than 100
    2. 4% if your Referred and Registered Users exceed 250
    3. 5% if your Referred and Registered Users exceed 500
    4. 7% if your Referred and Registered Users exceed 1,000
    5. 10% if your Referred and Registered Users exceed 5,000
    6. 15% if your Referred and Registered Users exceed 10,000


  1. Payments will be made at the end of each calendar year and will be accompanied by a reconciliation of the financial transactions of your referred users.
  2. Net Income is defined as the gross spend, after deduction of VAT, GST or any other consumption tax, on goods, services and membership charges levied by directly to registered users on the following:
    1. Markers sold
    2. Membership dues
    3. Commissions on Golf Match
    4. Golf Coin commissions
    5. Concierge charges


  1. Net Income is further defined as the gross profit retained by Golf Played Inc. on all other income including:
    1. Tee time reservations
    2. Golf and other travel
    3. Golf equipment sales
    4. Golf apparel sales
    5. Sale of plaques and medallions


  1. Gross Profit is defined as net income less any direct outsource expenditure related to goods and services net of VAT, GST or any other consumption tax.


  1. Where a commission is received by in respect of this category then the sliding scale percentage detailed in Clause 16 will be payable on the net commission received.
  2. Specifically excluded sources of income, which are not subject to a commission payable to the Ambassador include but are not restricted to the following:
    1. Any advertising revenue from any members
    2. Any listing fees
    3. Any premium listing charges
    4. Fees derived from charging for the groups or other tools on the platform
    5. Commissions and kickbacks from any suppliers, which may have been generated in part by registered users
    6. Any new sources of revenue not included in Clauses 18 or 19.


This agreement terminates on 31 December 2022 and constitutes the only agreement between Golf Played Inc. and myself and by signing hereunder I accept the challenge and agree to the terms and conditions as contained herein.

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