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Create and manage any event with ease with the GolfPlayed App.


GolfPlayed for Event organizers


Our user-friendly platform will make it easier than ever before for any Event organizer to create events. With instant access to thousands of golfers in your area, GolfPlayed™ is the go-to platform for any event.


Create Events


Creating an event is a breeze with the GolfPlayed platform. You have access to thousands of courses from around the globe, all you have to do is search for your desired location.

Easy setup


Setting up an event has never been easier. Simply head on over to the Events tab on the GolfPlayed App and select the type of event you would like to create, set the time & date, and add a brief description.


Access to a large database


With the GolfPlayed platform you have access to many users from our large user database. This makes it easy to invite users to your event.



You can easily send notifications to all attendees regarding any updates or changes to the planned event.


Create & manage any event with ease.

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