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March 10, 2022
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June 6, 2022

GolfPlayed Now offering Handicaps

Ladies and Gents,

It’s offical, as of Dec 1, 2021 we are now offering you official HNA Registered Handicaps in South Africa.

Get your GolfPlayed Membership and Handicap today

Thank you:

As always a big thank you to you guys and girls AKA “the Players” who participated – these events don’t happen without players so thank you for all the support! We will continue to add as much value as we can and make these events as awesome as possible…If you have any ideas on what you would like to see at our future events or how we can improve…please let us know! Pop us an email on [email protected]

Take a look at this sexy bunch of competitors below at the Steenberg SUPREME Major! 👇

Photo Credit: GolfPlayed


GP Series Order Of Merit OOM

The business end of the Series is getting more and more interesting! This was our unofficial “5th” event but is actually our “4th” counting event, so big news we are adding an extra event in on the schedule which will be confirmed in the next week. This leaves us with 4 more events to go! Make sure to enter into all the events early so that you give yourself the best opportunity to qualify for the Tour Champs at Erinvale!

See the latest OOM: CLICK HERE

Enter Events: CLICK HERE

GP Gold Membership

Huge news! The series membership has been going so well that we have “improved the offering” and our membership is no longer just for the Series but is now called GP Gold Membership and is valid for 12 months from date joined and comes with benefits for the entire GolfPlayed Platform! View Benefits: CLICK HERE

Photo Credit: GolfPlayed



The big debate 🙂 Yes, we know you’ve been cut…yes we know you only made 27 points last week, and yes we know it may not seem fair, but we believe it totally is! With the exception of Grant scoring 39 points, all you had to do to finish 2nd is score 34 points! That’s pretty awesome and unheard of in these types of events…normally 40+pts would only get you in the prizes! 

However, we are trialing this handicap method and at the end of the season we will do a full recon and get everyone’s opinions on how it was and how we can improve. So please feel free to let us know your thoughts… 

The average points score at the De Zalze was 27pts and all your handicaps have been adjusted accordingly to our GP SERIES criteria. 

See your new GP Series Handicap… CLICK HERE

Pics and Video

All amazing pics of the event are posted in the GP Series Community on the Spotlight Social App or you can CLICK HERE

Epic recap video for the GolfPlayed Series De Zalze DYNASTY is live – CLICK HERE

And for all other vids checkout our youtube channel, by clicking below and follow us FB / Insta. 

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Next up

The series is fully OPEN to Members and their guests. You all have “first-mover advantage” and “inside scoop”, so please feel free to enter any and all the events of your choice…Not only that but if you want to invite guests, now is your chance!

Pearl Valley: SOLD OUT

Obviously, members get the first pick, (yes we are drumming this home), but it’s b/c we love you to become a member: CLICK HERE

Enter for Clovelly: CLICK HERE R500 Members // R700 Guests

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