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GolfPlayed Series Steenberg Supreme Round Up

Rob Hersov, Joe Van Wky, Marc Buhner, Nick French

GolfPlayed Series Steenberg Supreme #3 // 1st Major

Welcome to the Steenberg SUPREME Roundup! This was event number 3 of the GolfPlayed Series in Cape Town! The @golfplayed_app Series is growing from strength to strength and the 1st Major of the GP Series is officially in the books. The stunning Steenberg Golf Club played host to the 1st Major and man was it special! A sublime winters day in Cape Town, South Africa with a max temp of 23*C and not a breath of wind lent itself to some great scores, fierce competition, and a LOT of fun 🙂 The GolfPlayed Series Steenberg Supreme event was one to remember!

Take a look at this sexy bunch of competitors below at the Steenberg SUPREME Major! 👇

Great times at the GP Series SteenbergSUPREME Major

Photo Credit: GolfPlayed


Epic Sponsors and Prizes at the GolfPlayed Series Steenberg Supreme

Being the first major of the season meant, bigger and better and that was certainly the case! There were over R40,000 in prizes up for grabs on the day, with all the way up to 15th place getting a little something to take home! Not only that, but with prizes like MOST golf winning a free lesson from Ideas Cartel, The Mystery Box Prize located in a special location on the course (back bunker on 18 🤣) getting a free entry into the Duca Del Cosma lucky draw, everyone has a shot at a prize!!

Here were some of the Amazing prizes at the 1st Major – SteenbergSUPREME….

1st Place – 2x Night Stay at the 5star Jan Harmsgat Country Lodge (R6,000 value)

2nd Place – 1x Night Stay at the Stunning Master Suite at Ideas Cartel Old Foundry Hotel (R5,000 value)

3rd Place – 1 Pair of Duca Del Cosma Shoes of your choice (R4,000 value)

4th Place – Delicious assortment of wines in the Shannon Wine Pack


A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors of the series and to see the full prize list for the day, click below 👇🤩

Epic sponsors and full prize list 


The Next Leg of the GolfPlayed Series 

The GP Series is heating up and the Order of Merit OOM is starting to take serious shape. Ryan Fivelman, ladies and gents is a name to keep a very close eye on! He is the leader of the pack with 695 GP Points, a commanding lead on his closest competitor Weyers Van Rensberg from the Westlake CG (150pts behind)

Here is a closer look at the OOM Standings:

1st Place – Ryan Fivelman 695pts

2nd Place – Weyers Van Rensberg 635.4pts

3rd Place – Philip Dicey 514.5pts

4th Place – Leon Brown 320pts

5th Place – Jayson Rawraway 286pts

To see a full breakdown of the GP Series OOM: click here


GolfPlayed Series member at the Steenberg Supreme event

GolfPlayed Series member having fun at the Steenberg Supreme event

Photo Credit: GolfPlayed


Well folks there that’s a wrap for the GolfPlayed Series Steenberg Supreme event 🕺

That’s the Steenberg SUPREME Roundup for you folks, sweet, short, and to the point! Well played to all our 64participants we can’t wait to see you at our next event FancourtFANTASTIC! 

If you’re not a member of the series yet: Sign up now

To see the remaining 5 events of the series and to enter: Click here

Oh yeah and before we forget, the epic recap video for the GolfPlayed Series Steenberg Supreme event is going to be posted on our youtube channel, so don’t miss out by clicking below and following us on insta subscribing to our youtube channel !! 

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