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A concept that originated over a few Jack Daniel Whiskeys, a fish bowl of golf course markers, in the heart of Swaziland!

Andrew our founder was staying with Ean, (the true brains behind the concept) when one evening Andrew noticed this fish bowl of markers on Ean's bar. Andrew put his hand in the bowl, and said, "man this is incredible" while doing so, Ean asked the golden question...

"Andrew how many courses have you ever played?"

Andrew, was puzzled and had absolutely no idea...Andrew then returned the question and Ean promptly said 187 and pulled out a speadsheet with every single course he had played, not only that he also had notes with who he had played with and when!

Truly incredible...

Things didn't stop there...

Ean then asked Andrew "Where have you played?" and with Andrew being a professional golfer he has had the very fortunate opportunity of playing some of the worlds best courses; Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, Medinah, Pinehurst and even Augusta National...

Ean was captivated to say the least and said, "ok young man, you are here for a week, figure out your number of courses played!"

Andrew then, being Andrew, couldn't sleep that night and started making a list of courses on his iphone...(a terrible idea), and after getting to course 103 he got stuck.

It was at this very point where he realized there must be a better way to do this, went to the app store and searched...there was nothing...

GolfPlayed was born!

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