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Build & maintain lasting relationships with your members & visitors and gain valuable insights through our technology platform.


GolfPlayed™ for Club Managers


The GolfPlayed SpotLight platform is an essential tool which makes it extremely easy for you to stay connected with members and visitors.


Real-time updates


The GolfPlayedSpotLight platform helps you stay up to date with all your club and App visits. All updated in real-time.

Your top players


The GolfPlayed Spotlight platform will give you an overview of all activity on your course and highlight the top players.


Push notifications


You can easily send push notifications to your registered members in groups or as a hole. Keeping you, your members and visitors more connected than ever before.

Comments & likes


The GolfPlayed Spotlight platform keeps you updated with any mention of your club on the GolfPlayed platform. Providing valuable feedback of your members & visitors experiences.


Spotlight™ keeps you connected with your golfers.

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